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homepros’ general contractors have been in business since 2001 in the greater Dallas Ft Worth areas. We started out as a small jobs handyman service while we built our reputation for quality repairs and light remodels in our early years in both residential, commercial and retail clientele. We have now grown into a larger scale full service licensed and insured general contracting company with a staff of around 15 people as our advertising budgets, marketing and demand has increased year after year. Our business model is unique as we use a time and materials pricing structure to price/cost out our workload and projects to our clientele in an hourly fashion. Our cross trained field service carpenter/techs are also paid in an hourly method as well, making for a very simple way to manage payroll that should equate to the same or near amount of hours the project was charged to our customer base. This ensures that not only are our field staff compensated for every hour accrued no matter what is the reason and if they take the extra time needed to make the quality of their service optimal, but that our company is compensated as well for the actual time spent, especially for unforeseen issues that may arise or when customers ask you to do extra work or change the scope that affects the amount of extra time needed to accommodate. You should feel confident that your extra efforts, time and preparation is accounted for and will be compensated for something that changes and is increased to be fair for both sides.

Some contractors are paid by the day, week or month. But one day may be 10 hours, another day is 7.5 hours or a week could vary by a half day or day? At homepro’s we want to make sure you are treated 100% fairly as we do, so we pay or break it down by the hour, so you are paid for every minute you deserve and so are we. We utilize a time management app on your smartphone to clock in and out daily to accrue every minute you work or travel for us. Receive daily job assignments with job notes, customer contact info and a portal to upload relevant images and documentation. We also have several ways to make a bonus for extra money and incentives. Tool co-purchases, fuel, travel and in the future health insurance and many other perks.

Support is a major part of our team work beginning at our fully staffed call center from 8 am to 6 pm 5 days a week and our phones are also answered after hours until 10 pm 7 days and weekends. Our incoming calls are encouraged and answered in order to welcome phone inquiries and appointments or customer service for our clients and our field staff. You are not left out there alone for challenging situations or difficult customers. Additional support for all staff members from the business owner and management 24 hours a day. On-going training and guidance to add to your skills for situations you’re lacking the knowledge of and how to handle almost any problem or situation.

At homepros, we feel we are a better contractor, we believe our quality is superior and our prices are competitive and reasonable because of our business model and our people are better trained and managed. Were not perfect, but were damn near perfect as it gets and when you have a quality company that has an A+ BBB and 1000’s of 5 star online reviews, we have a reputation you can be proud of and grow your own skill sets for self-preservation and unlimited earnings with the amount of workflow and volume we produce for steady work.

If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of working for a professional contracting service with advancement possibilities and unlimited earnings potential that has steady work year around, please contact us to be considered.

Positions & vacancies: Project managers – General field experience of repairs and remodels, scheduling, purchasing and sourcing materials, coordinating and resolving customer and staff issues and challenges, sales and upgrades.

Sales positions

Field and phone sales of our services to our clients

Call center customer service clerks

Answering incoming phone calls, knowledgeable about our process’s and practices, scheduling, resolving problems, coordinating, invoicing and so much more

Entry level trainees/workers

Must be a hard worker ready to learn or be trained in all aspects of our services. Have reliable transportation and can think ahead and be a self manager

Tile setters

Be a self manager, understand proper preparation work, be able to do design and layout of the job at hand, organization skills and do incredible work in a speedy manner


Be a self manager, understand proper preparation work, be able to do design and layout of the job at hand, organization skills and do incredible work in a speedy manner.

Drywall finishers/ painters

Be a self manager, understand proper preparation work, be able to do design and layout of the job at hand, organization skills and do incredible work in a speedy manner.

Siding and roofing

Not be afraid of working on high elevations, be a self manager, understand proper preparation work, be able to do design and layout of the job at hand, organization skills and do incredible work in a speedy manner.

Handyman/ jack of all trades

This is one of our highest paid positions in our company if you are really good at everything. Our expert handymen stay the busiest because they can do practically everything and handle almost any inquiry or project if you’re really really good or are very trainable and a self learner.


We service the entire greater Dallas areas and east of 35E in Ft Worth and were expanding into western Tarrant county with the right people. Although the bulk of our work is Dallas, Frisco, Plano, Mckinney, Rockwall, Garland, Irving and so much more. Obviously the slower business gets the further we will drive or increase our service areas,


A truck or van is mandatory to secure and store your tools and personal items, source and deliver materials on a daily basis. You can’t do this in moma’s car or station wagon, we are doing contracting work and repairs for an hourly rate and our clients expect a professional. Do not bring your kids or pets. Dress clean and presentable, shave, and you’ll need a smartphone to communicate with and receive messages and updates as our daytime activities change as our day evolves.

Further Information:

No signs on your vehicle for our company or yours as well as signs on your shirts or hats. We do not enforce any mask mandates. We feel it’s a personal choice, although be prepared if a client has a reason and asks you to wear a provided mask. If you refuse to accommodate this in today’s world. Please notify us in advance so you are not sent into a potential problem customer.

Expected pay ranges:

With our average hourly pay, expect high/low ranges of $200-500 day or $1200-2100 week $5160-9030 month or $63k to 110k per year plus bonuses. One of our top Handymen made over $110k last year. Do you have the kind of potential to earn 6 figures annually?

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