Electricians in Dallas, TX

When you flip the switches in your home or plug in your devices, you expect power, on demand. If you’re not getting it, it’s time to call an electrician. homepros employs some of the best local electricians and general contractors in Dallas, Irving, Rockwall, and Plano, TX to ensure you’re getting the power you expect in every room of your home. From high-amp breakers for appliances to organized circuits for every room, we’ll make sure your critical power systems stay functional and safe at all times. 


New Electrical Wiring

If your home is older, has undergone improvements, or you’re in the middle of a bathroom or kitchen remodeling job, you might have wiring that’s old, outdated or not up to code. Call us before it becomes a hazard! We can take out old, unshielded wiring and transform a rat’s nest of wires into a well-strung, organized bundle that’s up-to-date with modern building code. We’ll fix any trouble we find along the way and can help you recreate circuits that make sense. 

Electrical Repairs

Do your lights dim when you plug in a new appliance? Not getting any power from a particular outlet? Lose power the moment a storm rolls through? These inconveniences and many others require professional troubleshooting to solve. Give our electricians a call and we’ll get to the bottom of them, to resolve whatever lingering issues are affecting your home’s electrical infrastructure. 

Fixture Installation

From ceiling fans to additional outlets and everything in-between, we’re your all-in-one resource for new electrical fixture installation. Our local electricians are on-call to help with simple jobs, so you don’t need to put yourself or your home at-risk. We’re here to help Dallas, TX homeowners get the convenience they deserve. 

Trust Our Electrical Experts

Whether you need a new electrical fixture installed or you’re having persistent trouble with your existing wiring, homepros is ready to help. Contact us today at (214) 956-4545 for more information from our electricians and painters and how we can help you keep the lights on and the power flowing in your renovations and every room of your home.