November 29, 2022 C Dennis

2023-01-09 | 20:55:02

"We used the service for a drywall repair and resurfacing job. Homepro's contractor arrived on time and was very courteous. It was raining outside and he respectfully removed his shoes so as not to soil our carpets. He quickly (within minutes) assessed the scope of the job and provided an accurate assessment of the time involved and materials needed. He also properly protected the nearby furniture and the carpet from accidental exposure to paint or plaster from his hopper. The job was completed in the length of time he estimated--which means the cost matched my quote--and the finished product blended perfectly with my existing wall texture. At the end of the service the owner of the company stopped by to introduce himself with a firm handshake and to inspect the quality of his contractor's work. My experience was the epitome of how I think a business should operate: on time, cost matched estimate, courteous workers, oversight by the owner, and most importantly, a firm handshake to seal the deal. I will be calling on Homepro for all my future "handyman" needs! Thank you Homepros and Chris for coming through when we needed you most."
November 17, 2022 Adam Henderson

2023-01-09 | 20:55:28

"Amazing and speedy work was done, all in the freezing cold. Thank you Hesler and Anthony for your hard work! I certainly will use you again in the future!"
October 18, 2022 Cece Gassner

2023-01-09 | 20:55:51

"The owner was incredibly responsive and was able to work with my schedule to get a member of his team to my home. Hesler was amazing to work with - incredibly detail-oriented, professional, and super hard-working. He did a fantastic job and I would absolutely use him again."
October 11, 2022 Joedy Thurston

2023-01-09 | 20:55:49

"I had a broken oven that turned into kitchen remodeling, which sent me into looking for a handyman, an electrician and a plumber all at once. Chris (the owner) was very honest with what he can and cannot do (and what his insurance would and would not cover.) He personally made sure that his team did the job right and tried hard to get me the licensed professionals I needed for the things that he could not do. Hessler was wonderful in his work and very careful. He was also very diligent in cleaning up afterwards. I only needed a light wipe and mop. While others I've spoken to simply told me they couldn't do it, Chris stuck around and brainstormed with us and didn't give up. Took a few weeks, but we got the kitchen back in order with the appliances I wanted to fit into it. Chris was also very responsive even late at night. Their hourly rate was reasonable. I was a little confused about the itemized billing, but the overall price felt ok. If you're looking for a smooth-talking salesman who sugarcoats everything, go elsewhere. But if you want someone who is straight forward and cuts to the chase, then this is the place for you. I am just happy I have my kitchen back. Thanks, Chris and Hessler!"
September 21, 2022 Blake Rustmann

2023-01-09 | 20:56:06

"Hessler did a great job fixing out roof line after we had an old patio cover torn down. It matches the rest of the house perfectly."
September 16, 2022 Rosemary Jonas

2023-01-09 | 20:56:30

"They were great, on time and great job."