Water Damage Restoration in Dallas, TX

Water is one of the most damaging elements for a home. All it takes is a leaky pipe or flash flooding from a storm to cause significant damage that lingers long after the moisture has abated. To ensure it doesn’t leave lasting damage in your home, call our general contractors for water damage restoration in Dallas, Irving, Rockwall, and Plano, TX. 

When it comes to water, we don’t mess around. Our team assesses the scope of the damage before tearing out damaged components and replacing them with finished results that match your home perfectly. From new waterproofing and flooring to drywall repair and and even updating the internal plumbing to prevent another accident in the future, we make water damage a thing of the past. 

Water Damage Restoration and repair

Water Damage Restoration and Repair in Dallas, TX

The first step in water damage restoration is mitigation. We work quickly to ensure any and all moisture is completely removed from the area, and that everything is dry. Then, we get to work in surveying the damage. Our experts tear out rotting wood, mold and fungus, compromised materials and other infrastructure affected by water. Once these hazards are removed, we get to work building back to erase the damage. Expect results that integrate seamlessly with your home, so you’d never know there was ever water damage. 

Drywall Repair

Often, drywall repair goes hand-in-hand with water damage restoration. If you have affected drywall and need it removed and replaced, there’s no one better in the Dallas, TX area. We cut clean drywall, hang, tape, mud, sand and finish, for a project that’s completely finished. Whether it’s a small area near the site of a plumbing leak or a complete re-hanging in your formerly flooded basement, we welcome drywall jobs big and small. 

Recover After Water Intrusion

Left unchecked, water damage can cause lasting problems—including mold growth and compromised support for your home’s vital architecture. From the roof to the basement, call homepros for water damage repair, including new waterproofing and drywall repair. Contact us today at (214) 956-4545 for more information.