What Are the Signs I Need To Rewire My House?

When should I replace old electrical wiring? As a property owner, you have the ultimate role of ensuring that you’re paying the necessary attention to electrical connections in your home. You should consistently replace the old wiring systems showing wear and tear. Unfortunately, most property owners don’t understand when to do this. So, what are the signs I need to rewire my house?

1. Flickering or Dimming Lights

Dimming lights indicate that the electricity passing through the wires is not enough to power them. This often happens when a new bulb’s wattage is higher than that the old wiring could handle. Also, if your lights are flickering or dimming, it might indicate that your electrical system needs an upgrade. Ignoring this sign could lead to consistent lighting problems in your house, which is uncomfortable.

2. Outlets and Switches That Are Hot to the Touch

Another sign that you might need to replace your electrical wiring is if outlets and switches are hot to the touch. This happens when there’s excessive heat being produced along the wires. In most cases, this heat results from loose connections or damaged insulation. If you notice this sign, it’s essential to have a professional electrician check it out as soon as possible to avoid any accidents.

3. Sparking Outlets

If you notice sparks coming from your outlets, it’s a clear sign that something is wrong with the wiring, usually¬†a loose connection somewhere along the line. Ignoring this sign could lead to an electrical fire, which is extremely dangerous. However, you cannot fix this problem on your own and will need to call in a professional electrician to take a look.

4. Circuit Breakers That Trip Frequently

If your circuit breakers trip frequently, it could signal that your electrical system is overloaded. This often happens when there are too many devices plugged into one circuit. To fix this problem, you’ll need to have a professional electrician upgrade your electrical system. Regular circuit breakers could also demonstrate that you have multiple electrical appliances on your property that are not supported. This is a challenge that you need to address immediately.

5. Burning Smells

Burning smells indicate that there’s an electrical fire somewhere on your property. This is extremely dangerous and should be addressed immediately. If you notice this sign, you should evacuate the premises and call the fire department. Statistically, multiple properties get destroyed every year by electrical faults. Therefore, you must replace your old wires to avoid extreme fires.

6. Increased Energy Bills

The energy cost should be a constant that doesn’t go up or down frequently. However, if you’ve noticed a significant increase in your energy bills, it could indicate that your electrical system is not working as efficiently as it should. This often happens when there are old and faulty wires on your property. To save money on your energy bills, you need to upgrade to a new and improved electrical system.


Hiring a professional electrician to inspect your wiring system is the best way to ensure your property is safe. If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, don’t hesitate to give us a call at homepros. We’ll send out a qualified electrician to take a look and recommend the best course of action.