What Are the Signs It’s Time to Replace My Carpet?

Determining how to know when to replace carpet in the home can often be challenging. Sometimes a dingy carpet may just need a good cleaning or quick repair. It’s important to know the difference, as the costs of constantly repairing or cleaning an old carpet will add up in the long run.

Below, we provide information on common signs that it’s time to replace your carpet. If you think it’s time to replace your carpet, be sure to speak with a reputable, local carpeting service.

Bad smells that stick around

If you notice bad odors coming from your carpet, consider having it deep cleaned. But if those odors don’t go away, it might be time to replace your carpet. Bad smells that don’t go away after a deep cleaning could mean an issue with the floor below your carpet.

Sometimes mold can grow beneath your carpet, meaning you’ll need to call in a mold remediation specialist. After they take care of your mold problem, you’ll need to replace the carpet, as it probably still contains mold spores that could spread throughout your home.

Set-in stains

Set-in stains are a common issue with carpets. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to remove stains, including top-quality stain removers and wet/dry vacs. If none of these methods work, though, you may need to replace your carpet. Stains that are especially hard to get rid of include those caused by wine and pet urine.

Your allergies are getting worse

If you’re sneezing and coughing more than usual, your carpet could be causing the problem. Pollen, pet hair and other allergens can become embedded in the fibers of your carpet over time. Sometimes they become so embedded that the most thorough cleaning won’t remove them.

Replacing that old carpet could help clear up some of those allergy symptoms. If you’re truly worried about allergens, you may want to invest in hardwood flooring or something similar instead of carpet.

Irreparable damage

A carpet can sometimes experience irreparable damages, including burns and mold damage. While you could cover up these damages with furniture, it’s usually best to replace your carpet. This is especially true if your carpet has mold damage.

Faded carpet

Over time, an old carpet will fade, which never looks good. This will only get worse with time, which is why most people decide to replace their carpet after it reaches a certain age.

Contact a remodeling expert

Asking yourself, “What are the signs it is time to replace my carpet?” As you can see, there are several signs. Don’t let a dingy carpet ruin the entire look of your home. Speak with a remodeling expert today for a quick and easy carpet replacement. On average, it only costs between $2 and $7 per square foot of new carpet, which is a small price to pay for a home you can be proud of.

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