What Spring Home Maintenance Tips Should I Know?

Closeup,of,house,rain,gutter,clogged,with,colorful,leaves,fallingWhat Spring Home Maintenance Tips Should I Know?

Spring is a time to take advantage of the warmer weather and start getting your home in shape for summer. Performing routine maintenance with the help of licensed general contractors will prolong the life of your building materials, landscaping and appliances. Many of these tasks will require a little extra work, but they’re all worth it to have a better-maintained home.

1. Clean Your Gutters And Downspouts

Gutters are an essential part of any home’s drainage system. They divert rainwater away from your foundation, preventing the buildup of water damage and mold and mildew growth. When gutters are clogged with leaves and other debris, water backs up into your house and can cause major damages to your foundation, soffit, and fascia boards. It can even lead to basement flooding. Cleaning your gutters is a spring home maintenance tip that will prevent costly repairs down the road. It can also save you money on your energy bills and lower the amount of time you’ll spend maintaining your roof and siding.

2. Change Your Air Filters

Air filters are important for your home’s HVAC system because they filter out contaminants from the air as it flows through your ductwork. These include dust, dirt, pet dander, pollen, and other particles that can cause health issues and respiratory illnesses. There are a few different types of air filters, including fiberglass and pleated paper/fiberglass media. Both can help keep dust levels low, but pleated media are better at capturing smaller particles. A clogged air filter limits the flow of air into your home and makes your heating and cooling system work harder. This leads to reduced efficiency, and a higher energy bill.  The average homeowner should replace their air filter once every one to three months. This varies by where you live, your level of indoor humidity, and the age and condition of your heating and cooling equipment. During the colder months, your air conditioner will require replacement of your filter as well. It’s especially critical to replace your filter before you turn on your air conditioner, as it can cause the unit to malfunction.

3. Clean Your Chimney

Chimneys are one of the most important ventilation systems in your home. They allow smoke, toxins and dangerous fumes to escape your home. As a result, it’s very important to clean your chimney. A clogged chimney can cause a lot of damage to your house. It can also be dangerous for your family, as a blockage can cause toxic carbon monoxide to get into your home. In order to keep your chimney safe and clean, it’s important to have it cleaned every year. A professional cleaning will remove the creosote & other buildup that’s been accumulated over time.

4. Check Your Attic

Attics are usually overlooked, but they can be an important part of your home’s overall health and energy efficiency. A thorough attic inspection can help you spot issues like water damage, pest infestation, rotting insulation, and leaky roof sheathing/framing. Attic ventilation is essential to minimizing heat gain and loss throughout the home. A poorly insulated, drafty, or leaky attic will increase your utility bills during the hot summer months and cause your furnace to work harder during the cold winter months. Attic inspections also detect rodent and insect infestation, which can result in damage to your ductwork, insulation, and wiring. It’s a good idea to call a pest control company immediately. They can seal up any potential entry points and humanely remove the animals before they cause more harm.

5. Check Your Roof

Your roof is a major part of your home that needs regular maintenance to keep it safe and functional. A properly maintained roof protects your house from moisture and can save you money in the long run. Like any other part of your home, your roof ages and can wear down over time. That’s why it’s important to check it regularly and have it inspected by a professional. A thorough inspection by a certified roofing contractor will help you spot minor issues before they become more serious. It will also ensure that your roof is of the highest quality. It’s a good idea to have your roof checked by a roofing professional every year or so. This will help you avoid problems such as leaks that can cause damage to your home’s interior! Contact us here at Homepros Remodeling and Handyman Service today to learn more about what we can do for you!