When Is a Good Time To Paint Before the Holidays?

Giving your home an interior or exterior makeover is a great idea, especially before the holidays. Your home will have a new amazing look when your friends and family come around to join the festivities. You might be a little unclear about what time is the best time to do pre-holiday painting, though. These are some times to consider and some tips for having a successful painting venture.

The Best Times To Paint Your Home

These are the best times to take advantage if you want to create a new appearance at holiday-time:

When You’re on Vacation

You’ve probably accumulated some vacation time if you work a typical full-time job. Using some of your vacation days to paint is smart because you can virtually create your own getaway¬†site.

Sometimes changing the colors inside your home and rearranging your furniture can make you feel like you’ve just journeyed into a new land. Consider making changes once you’ve put your time in and gotten a set number of days off.

Over the Weekend

Some projects can wrap up easily over a single weekend. Thus, you may want to choose a Friday-through-Sunday period when your entire family will be off from school and work. You can even recruit them to assist you with the project. They will likely be delighted to assist you with it and take the opportunity to bond more.

August and September

August, September, and early October are the best months to start getting your home prepared for the many gatherings ahead of you. It’s far out enough to take your time and close enough to where all your visitors will notice how fabulously new¬†everything looks. Think about planning during one of these months if you want to get a whole new look before the major holidays.

Tips for Pre-Holiday Painting

These are some helpful tips for your pre-holiday painting project:

Choose Holiday Colors

Select holiday colors to create the perfect theme if you want to go all out. For example, you may want to choose variations of red and green for your Christmas look. Brown and beige are more suitable for holidays such as Thanksgiving.

Orange and black are great if you’re a fan of Halloween. Of course, you’ll need to be super-creative if you want to keep the colors for the rest of the year, so get in your think tank and come up with strategies to make your style unique and long-lasting.

Have Fun With It

The most important part of doing home projects is having fun. Make it a special event where everyone in your household has an enjoyable task.

Use High-Sheen Paints

Get ahead of the holiday messes that might occur once your house gets full and your visitors start touching the walls with their fingers. High-sheen paint will make your walls more stain-resistant and easier to clean.

Now you know when the best time is to paint your home and a couple of things you can do to make your experience better. It’s time to start planning.