Reasons Why You Should Remodel Your Shower

You may have noticed that your bathroom just isn’t cutting it anymore. Maybe the sink frequently needs repairs, or the tile is from a decade long past. Your shower also could use new fixtures. If it’s been a while since you’ve updated the bathroom, there are plenty of reasons to remodel a shower.

Let’s look at the benefits and finally settle the question of why should a shower be remodeled.

Increase home value

Just like the rest of your bathroom, remodeling a shower can boost your home’s value. Let’s face facts: The shower is an ideal place to escape from the pressures of everyday life and bask in the warmth of steaming hot water.

If your fixtures aren’t up to snuff, potential home buyers are going to notice and may pass when it comes time to sell. Renovating a shower is one of the leading ways to boost your home’s value. It has a high return on investment (ROI), giving you peace of mind about spending on this key fixture.

Better functionality

If your shower has low pressure or quickly runs out of water, it’s not quite the sanctuary you expect. Beyond resale value, having a well-functioning shower is just one way to take advantage of the comfort of your home.

Beyond providing a range of different water pressures and temperatures, modern showers come with all the additional features you’re dreaming of. The feeling you get after taking a shower in the morning can be glorious—even more so with an updated shower. From new valves to a new showerhead, you can find a shower that will meet your needs.


Remodeling your shower is simply cost efficient. You may not have the financial ability to redo the whole bathroom at one time, so getting this important piece done is an easy choice. It’s an upgrade to your home that will pay off down the line too.

Better use of space

Redesigning your shower gives you an opportunity to make the most out of your bathroom’s space. For example, you might go from a tub shower to a walk-in shower to add more square footage. This might be a good choice if you only rarely use the tub. Alternatively, for those with large bathrooms, consider investing in a luxury shower remodel. A new shower gives you more options when it comes to enjoying your bathroom.

Shower walls

If you find yourself scrubbing soap scum off the shower walls too often, then know that there are lower maintenance options available. New walls can also enhance the shower’s appearance. Solid-surface walls (like natural stone) provide a beautiful new look. For those who prefer classic tile and grout, there are a wide range of options available that are both functional and up to date.

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