What Happens When You Don’t Treat Water Damage?

The fact is that even a small leak can be a big deal. Leaving a leak alone and allowing water damage to accumulate is likely to be an expensive mistake for your home or business. Even a small leak can lead to major mold issues down the line. This places your and your family’s health at risk and may require thousands of dollars to fix.

Read on to find out what happens when water damage is untreated.

Is water damage important to treat?

There’s a wide variety of ways that a leak can cause long-term damage to your home. From mold and mildew to crumbling pipes and damaged ceilings, you don’t want to ignore water damage. All of the following can occur if you leave water damage untreated:

  • Holes in the concrete: The drip from a leaking pipe left unattended can eventually eat through concrete. This can affect the foundation and result in your home’s structural stability.
  • Corroded pipes: One common thing that happens with leaks is that, once they start, they spread. This is a vicious cycle: Once pipes are corroded and start to leak, water damage leads to additional corrosion. Ignoring the problem now means more costly plumbing fixes later.
  • Ceiling damage: If you’ve noticed water damage on your ceiling, this means the leak is already doing damage to your home. Over time, more of the ceiling’s paint will discolor; the plaster will bulge; and holes will begin to appear. This is often when mold sets in, which can be a particularly pernicious problem.
  • Home’s property value falls: Water damage is an eyesore, which will immediately give potential home buyers pause. Even if a buyer did want to fix the damage that’s been left to fester, your home might not pass an inspection. Potential buyers will lower their offers or may choose to pass on the home entirely.
  • Carpet damage: Carpets are a durable form of flooring, but a consistent leak can do damage. This surface isn’t meant to be constantly wet, so leaving a leak for an extended period will make it begin to loosen, warp and decay. This may require the carpet to be replaced.
  • Electrical system problems: Water damage left unattended may result in electrical shorts and damage to the system’s circuit. When you add electricity and water, bad things happen, meaning there could be fire hazards.
  • Drywall woes: When drywall is exposed to moisture over an extended period, it’s liable to become brittle and ripe for mold growth. Water-damaged walls that suffer from a mold infestation are often the result of leaky pipes that have been left alone.

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